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Received artistic and cultural training at the Louvre School. In terms of textile creation she is entirely self-taught.

It is the textile that is the media that allows it to express itself. When she leaves for the adventure of creation it is always the fabric Who inspires it, the texture creates the click, then comes the shape and the Color.

She works constantly, she seeks a lot, she listens, reads, in a word she is passionate; each of his quilts tells a story.


I met patchwork by chance, at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.

There was an old patchwork exhibition from the Whitney Museum in New York, it was in 1972. I was amazed, I could not believe that we could do such marvels, with little bits of fabric and wire. For me it was a shock and from that moment, I was trapped.

I never stopped to document, to learn and it continues! At that time this art was completely unknown in France. But I had met "My way to Damascus" and a passion was born that never left me.

france brechignac, créatrice de quilts france brechignac, créatrice de quilts